Learn The Importance Of Tile Edge Trim


While fitting tiles into the walls and floors of your homes or offices, you may have needed to edge them for a better fit using a tile edge trim. Many places like corners and edges of rooms, or small spaces under the kitchen sink may not be easily covered using traditional tiles in their entirety. In such places tile edge trimming is very necessary. Though this is not a very difficult task, it would be better to do it under professional supervision if this is your first time doing it.

Read on to know more about the various applications and uses of tile edge trimming and where you can buy them from.

Applications & Uses Of Tile Edge Trim

Check out the various applications and uses of tile edge trim. You will also get to know the various places where it is used, and why it is important.

Inside Corners

Sometimes, inside corners may be difficult to tile because of their structure. While some tiles may fall short in such spaces, others may be too big to fit in the space. Inside corners include corners within a room, or any other kind of corners that open inwards. In such corners, tile edge trims are very useful as they can help tile such small spaces.

Outside Corners

Outside corners are those corners, which open outwards, or project outwards towards space. An example would be a corner on the outer wall of a building or a house. Such spaces may be difficult to be covered with tiles as they may be too big or too small to fit in the space. Hence, edged tiles are often used in such cases to avoid any kind of ugly look due to lack of tiling. The exteriors of your house or office is as important as the interiors.

Small Spaces and Corners

Some small spaces like around kitchen sinks, or around the bath tubs may be difficult to tile because of spacing issues. In most cases, the tiles are too large to fit and cannot be used in its entirety. Edge trimmed tiles are very useful in tiling such small spaces and corners, where regular sized tiles cannot be used.

End Caps or Corner Pieces

Places like kitchen counters and window sills often have an edge that needs to be tiled. In some cases, it becomes extremely difficult since the tiles do not come in such a shape and structure. These cases can be easily solved by using edge trimmed tiles, which can be made to form edge caps and corner pieces.

Alibaba Is The Best Purchase Destination

It might not be a very easy task to find the exact tile edge trim you are looking for at local sellers and suppliers. You can check out online marketplaces like Alibaba to check the different offerings from various sellers. Alibaba lets you contact the sellers directly and explain your needs and requirements to them. They would give several recommendations of the kinds of products you can purchase to help with your needs.


Many suppliers are often ready to customize their products to suit your needs. You can directly negotiate with them for delivering the tile edge trims to your address. Always make sure to consult with a professional home or office interior decorator before you choose to purchase any kind of tile edge trims.


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