Best Tips for Selecting Door Locks and Handles


Doors are extensions of your compound’s personality. Choosing the right door locks and handles is the best way to provide your home with a fresh new look. Smart front entries double the value of your house by 10%. When dealing with many home improvements, a good plan to upgrade the door accessories, including the handles, yields better results. as you select your locks and handles, there are things that you should consider. They include the style, front security, entrance, janus door parts setup, door function, handle type, warranty, installation, maintenance and care, door accessories, continuity and finish, material, budget, and environment.

The style

You need to approach the handle designs the same way you will approach any interior design work. What’s the theme of the building? What’s the room design that you will use the handles in? What door design that your handle will use. If you are using the traditional design in your home, you need to select innovative angular handles. The door design will also aff3ect the handles to use. You can use different handles on different floors or use the same handles throughout the entire building.

Front security and entrance

The mortice locks give the best door security. They give high-security levels than the tubular latch. If you want to replace entry sets and locks on your doors, choose between the tubular style and the mortice lock systems. Tubular systems are famous in both business and residential applications. Understand why mortice provides the best security for homes and businesses before you choose. Tubular latches have little structural strength compared to mortice locks.

Advantages of mortice locks

The following are the advantages of mortice locks over the tubular latch.

Lifetime warranty

Five times stronger

Tamper proof and anti-drill hardened cylinder

Has integrated deadbolt

Huge dealt bolt throw that is 40% stronger

Ensures peace of mind

It has a heavy-duty mechanism than its counterpart.

The interior type handles – knob or lever

The doorknobs you will choose will depend on each door in your house and your most preferred style. You can go for doorknobs or door levers. You need to check the cons and pros before you settle on any.

Functions of the door

Once you know the hardware type you need, determine its function. You need a nonlocking, passage lever, or knob for the closet and hallway doors. Bathrooms and bedrooms need a locking lever or knob. For decorative pulls, buy the non-turning dummy lever or knob. You need a keyed lever or knob for higher security and exterior doors.

Door setup

At times your door type determines the hardware to install. Some outside doors may have only one hole for installing the hardware; instead of making the second hole that can damage the door for the deadbolt, use the keyless deadbolt like stealth. You will save money, get extra security, and you won’t need any keys again.

The material and environment types

You need to spend time researching many diverse door hardware styles on them. The antique bronze or brass hardware is better in a youth, warm-colored house. The cooler schemes need stainless steel, chrome hardware, or porcelain. The hardware should withstand all weather elements like salt and humidity if you are near an ocean or in tropical areas.


While buying your hardware, it’s good to ensure you get the best quality, research before you settle on any brand.


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