Why Variable Speed Air Compressors Are More Preferred Than Fixed Speed Compressors?


There is a lot to understand about fixed-speed air compressors and variable-speed air compressors. It becomes a very backbreaking task for a person to decide whether to buy a variable-speed air compressor or a fixed-speed compressor as both of them have distinct features and specifications.

A variable-speed air compressor will contribute a lot in saving energy and provide amazing output whereas a constant-speed air compressor will help you to remain within your budget and enjoy the facility of an air compressor. But due to certain reasons, a variable speed air compressor always demanded more than fixed-speed compressors.

Variable Speed Air Compressors

Variable-speed air compressors are different in working than fixed-speed air compressors. In such types of air compressors, a special kind of drive system is utilized so that the speed of the motor can be altered constantly for matching the demand for air.

Hence, we can say that the unit speed will change to correspond to the output which is the system’s demand. The air tank will be inflated by keeping the speed of the air compressor high in case of low pressure. Once the system succeeds in bringing the pressure to a perfect value then the motor will start running at low speed so that the air pressure can be balanced.

Fixed Speed Air Compressors

As mentioned in its name, a fixed-speed air compressor refers to a type of compressor that operates at a fixed speed or voltage. It means a fixed voltage is supplied to the motor as a result the rotatory screws dry at a fixed speed and pressurize the air. Because of this constant speed, the compressor will operate at full throttle, no matter how minimum load is being placed on it.

The pressure present in the storage tank will become smaller in such kinds of compressors because the compressed air in it will be deleted. The engine will start running again so that more air can be driven into the tank as soon as the pressure reaches the fixed value. A great amount of energy will be required in this compressor.

Why Prefer Variable Speed Air Compressors

Variable-speed air compressors have such amazing features that make them more recommendable than other compressors. These features are mentioned below:

Saves Energy

These air compressors are designed in such a manner that only the quantity of energy consumed that a system needs. Hence, the remaining energy is saved and manufacturing cost is reduced.


Air compressors with variable speeds are designed in such a way that they can be used for a long time and much maintenance is not required for their long span. You can even go ahead for 2 to 3 years with these air compressors.

Quite Working

You may have noticed that traditional compressors produce a lot of noise and they have to be installed away from residential areas. Nevertheless, variable-speed air compressors are designed in such a way that they produce very low noise and the environment remains quiet.

Reliability & Flexibility

Different industries demand varying-speed air compressors because of their flexibility and production of compressed air at low cost. The components are of high quality and users never have to face any limitations.


The most amazing feature offered by these compressors is that they don’t require any skill for their installment. The components will be installed easily and you don’t have to take any external help.


The other amazing benefit of variable-speed air compressors is that they can function efficiently even at high temperatures. The components will have no damage and can be utilized in any weather condition.

Wise Words

Variable and fixed-speed compressors are having great demand in the market but the position that adjustable-speed air compressors have taken is exemplary. Now, people’s priority remains the adjustable speed air compressor as it offers more features as compared to fixed-speed air compressors.


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