How to Select the Best Stickers for Your Brand


Every person is familiar with sticker labels. This is because they are available everywhere, from product labels to discount flashes at the local grocery store. Nearly all items have self-adhesive labels. These stickers disseminate information; you might think it is promotion, marketing, or advertising, but they are vital product parameter labels. You can buy them online from a reliable sticker manufacturer. So, what are the benefits of sticker labels? What is the criterion for choosing stickers for your brand?


When selecting your sticker, you need to consider the material. If you get it right, you can enjoy many years of great sticking and look great. The material in this case refers to the layer where the design is imprinted. The main materials used are plastic and paper. Plastic material is known to be waterproof, durable, hard-wearing, tear-resistant, and flexible.

As a result, you will find stickers made of plastic suitable for outdoor applications. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors and the material can be recycled. On the other hand, paper stickers are meant for indoor use only. This is because they are not waterproof. They are also available in many options just like plastic stickers.


Sticker labels can be laminated or not. You should determine whether you require a laminate on the customer sticker or not. The primary types of laminate are gloss or matte. It is advisable to opt for liquid laminates since they are clear and offer some level of resistance, but do not have the strength of plastic.

It is advisable to laminate when the sticker will be used outdoors. In this case, your sticker label should be scratch, water, and UV-resistant. Additionally, if you have a great brand, you should laminate the sticker to give it an impression of quality. The laminate offers your sticker the extra thickness to make it appear to be a premium product.

However, you should not laminate if you need a low-cost option. The additional layer of the laminate adds complexity and cost to the manufacturing process. If stickers are meant for single use, then there is no need for laminating.

Select the Right Adhesive

The right adhesive will ensure your sticker label does not look bad or peel off after a few hours. Although there are many adhesives out there, you should consider their strength as the most important aspect. The main types of adhesives include removable, permanent, and high tack. You should opt for removable adhesive when the sticker is used in applications that need it to be removed without leaving residue behind. Permanent stickers can be sticked on a range of surfaces such as glass, paint, paper, leather, metal, cardboard, plastic, and fiberglass. High-tack adhesives should be sticked on rubber, wood, low-energy plastic, and stone.


To summarize, you should consider the above three qualities when selecting your sticker label. Ensure you get the right material, determine whether to laminate your sticker or not, and choose your adhesive. If still you are not sure the type of sticker to purchase, you should consult widely.


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