Commercial Tablets 101: 4 Major Areas of Focus In Tablet Manufacturing

1332 is about responding to each of your needs. Geniatech is customer-oriented, so it targets to develop commercial tablets that fulfill your requirements. Besides, the company partners with other key players to not only learn about the unfulfilled needs of consumers but also come up with solutions. For instance, the firm partnered with ON Semiconductor and Arrow Electronics to develop a multi-sensor IoT that enhances workplace safety. Such partnerships are also involved in coming up with commercial tablets.

 4 Major Areas of Focus

A key area of focus is essential for Geniatech when responding to your industrial tablet questions. A place of focus helps Geniatech answer your questions satisfactorily because in-depth research is done exclusively in that area. All resources utilized in that one area led to excellent results in the area. Below are the main areas of focus for any future looking tech company planning to remain afloat in the tablet manufacturing industry.

1. Innovativeness

It would be best if you had a commercial tablet that is made of innovative technologies so that you can achieve your goals. Tablets made of innovative technologies have a high level of accuracy. A high level of accuracy means little or no error in the output you get from your commercial tablet. No mistake in production means no mismanagement of input.

You are, therefore, able to maximize every process. Besides, you can detect any slight change in the information on time and take corrective action. You can consequently prevent cases of leakages on time.

2. Free operating system

An excellent commercial tablet needs to operate on a free operating system. An open-source operating system saves you the license cost. There are currently three operating systems: Windows, iOS, and Android. Of these three, Android is the only free operating system. You do not need to pay for a license to use the Android operating system. If you read from answer entails coming up with a tablet that utilizes free operating systems. Customization is also possible when you use an open-source operating system.

3. The life span of the Commercial Tablet

An excellent commercial tablet should last long. An extended-lasting tablet will save you the cost of developing a new one because it takes a lot of time to design an industrial tablet. Numerous resources are involved in creating a commercial tablet, so you need a tablet that lasts longer to avoid spending your resources again.

4. Functionalities

The answer revolves around a commercial tablet with adequate functionalities. Excellent functionalities improve the performance of the tablet. A commercial tablet that supports two operating systems, Android 7.1 and Linux, will do better than one that works on one. Also, adequate functionalities will enable you to customize your tablet apps to your design. Some functionalities will help you remotely start up or wake up your commercial tablet.


Our Geniatech tablets are designed to meet your needs. It results in a commercial tablet you can rely on for your commercial errands. The tablet uses advanced technology, high-tech functionalities, and operating systems that will serve you better.


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