Kawasaki Mule Fuel Pump Substitutes


Have you ever had a kawasaki mule fuel pump that developed a rattling noise that was not previously present? Has your Mule been having trouble starting or stalling? These warning symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump might be the cue to change with one of the high-quality gasoline pumps before you become stuck on the road.

The task of any fuel pump is quite simple: provide enough gas flow to the engine or gasoline rail continuously. However, fuel pumps may fail due to a variety of causes, including blockage with junk or old, mushed petrol, “burning out” from being run frequently on almost empty, or just falling to aging.

Kawasaki Fuel Pump 49040-0769

Authentic OEM repair components won’t have any problems; thus, this Kawasaki Mule gasoline pump is definitely worth the low price. This gasoline pump, produced in Tokyo by OE provider Mikuni, should last as much as the original that came with your Mule. It supports a variety of gasoline-powered Mule 600 and 610 versions from 2005 to 2015.

QFS Mechanical Fuel Pump w/ Genuine Mahle Filter, HFP-282-F

This fuel pump is made in the United States and matches Kawasaki components 49040 models 005 and 0751. Therefore, it is suited for different Mule 600/610 models from 2016 to 2020. It costs a little more than the OEM Mule gasoline pump. However, it comes with a lifespan-free repair guarantee.

According to Quantum, their gasoline pumps “have modifications that expand on OEM layout.” Compounds, bristles, and commutators have been upgraded to provide extended life and endurance in a variety of fuel mixtures.”

Yoneda Electric Fuel Pump 12v

The Yoneda Kawasaki Mule gasoline pump is ideal for some older Kawasaki Mule vehicles. Notably the ones from 2001 to 2008. It’s a straight bolt-on substitute with about the same sleek design, electrical cables, and characteristics as the Kawasaki 49040-1055, at an unbeatable price.

The greatest part is that the manufacturer promises that the gasoline pump has a 2-year warranty from manufacturing troubles, so you can buy with confidence.

QFS OEM Replacement Fuel Pump Assembly

The Quantum HFP-A487 has the best value for your modern Kawasaki Mule. So if you ever need to change the fuel pump component in the models 4000 or 401, this is it.

First and foremost, it is a simple, straight substitution, with all crucial elements – strainer, pressure gauge, and level transmitting unit – included.

Secondly, it was professionally built and developed in the United States. It had special care taken to ensure compatibility with today’s biodiesel-infused pump gas. Lastly, it is shockingly inexpensive and lifetime replacement product warranty to rescue the day if it ever fails.

 Dasbecan 49040-0716 Electric Fuel Pump Module

Dasbecan’s Kawasaki Mule component is the ideal solution. Especially, if you’re trying to save money on a repair for your Mule Pro FX or FXT. Its pinpoint accuracy component is engineered last for up to a hundred thousand miles or thirty thousand hours. That is more distance than what most Mules would ever go in their lives.

This Mule is a good substitute for Kawasaki components. It also has a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing faults.


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