Why Are People Choosing The New Honor Magicbook Laptop


Globally, we have different types of computer operating systems, including Linux, Ios, and windows. But the most common option is the Microsoft Windows operating system. Hence, it is more common that you find a windows computer laptop before any other type of software. Mostly, you have to install your software on your own, since most laptops come with Windows operating systems. The popularity of the Windows operating system makes choosing a laptop a daunting task. That is because you can not filter amongst the common laptop brands based on the operating system. Most of them come with a preinstalled operating system. However, there is a common trend in laptop choices recently.

Most users are tending towards choosing the Honor Magicbook Laptop. For a brand that is not one of the most popular laptop brands, you may wonder why people are making these choices. Mostly, laptops become popular because of their features and not the brand. Also, not because of their windows software. When a laptop has features that meet the needs of most users, it will become popular. That is the exact case with the Honor laptop brands. More people need the laptop because of its amazing features. What are the features that people are seeing that make them choose this brand? Keep reading this guide to see why people want the Honor Magicbook Laptop

Eye protection

The most popular laptop brands get it right with their display. Most of them, including Honor Magic book, have great displays that every laptop owner will love. However, most of the popular brands focus on having better graphics, instead of safer graphics. The Honor Magicbook focuses on both the graphics and your eye protection. That is why the 100% increase in the sRGB and the 4.8mm² thin bezels improve the display of this laptop. On the other hand, the laptop has an automated DC dimming mode and an eye comfort mode to reduce the effect of blue light emission.

Amazing design

Before now, laptops with amazing specifications never used to have great aesthetics. They were either having big monitors and small keyboards or were never pretty from a distance. This is not the case with the Honor Magicbook Laptop. This laptop is made from smooth aluminum materials that are resistant to scratches. Also, this laptop comes in slim thickness to add to the aesthetics.

Low weight

When you own a laptop, it is more than likely that you will want to carry the laptop from place to place. That is the main advantage a laptop has over a desktop computer – mobility. You can’t be carrying a desktop because it has different components in large sizes. But you won’t expect that from a laptop. The Honor Magicbook takes the portability a notch higher. The laptop does not weigh up to two kilograms, and it has a very slim background. Therefore, you can keep your laptop in your bag and there will be a lot of space for other items.

Heat protection

When you are working on your laptop it produces heat. Mostly, electric devices tend to produce heat energy while they work. If you are working over a long period, it means the heat emitted from your laptop will be on the rise. This heat, if left unattended, maybe the cause of your laptop malfunctioning. The Honor Magicbook Laptop, however, has a lot of protection against this heat. It has two heat pipes, each having a large fan. These fans increase the volume of air taken in by a whopping 38%. Therefore, your laptop will maintain a cool temperature even after working over long hours.


Honor Magicbook Laptop may not be the most common. But at the very least, this laptop type is one of the best options out there. In this guide, we have put together reasons people are choosing this laptop.


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