Major Tips On How To Mine OSRS Gold


The OSRS game focuses on utilizing resources from an existing terrain to create items. There are different ways to farm money to sustain your character within the game. Gold mining is one way to farm money in the game. OSRS Gold mining produces gold ore which can be utilized in making craft jewelry. You can enchant the jewelry to attain special features not available on ordinary clothing or wearable armor. Other understand the mining process, you also need to know the exact location where these rare but precious mines may be located. With the OSRS having a huge space, pinpointing the precise location where you will find 4rs gold might come in handy.

What level is ideal for gold mining?

Before you can mine gold rocks, you need to have attained level 40. With the gold ore, you can now craft gold bars. In order to mine efficiently, players are required to advance their mining level, which grants them the ability to use pickaxes. There are ore boxes into which gold is stored after the mining process is complete. The ore boxes can be placed in metal banks when the Family Crest quest is complete.

Mining Locations in OSRS

Gold mining is done in gold veins distributed all over the game, either in free or members-only versions. You are free to mine in any of the gold veins. Yet, it is recommendable to mine in the spots close to the bank. Areas, where veins are packed together tend to be prime too. Places with limited gold spots make it difficult to make good profits because respawning times of gold ores are hefty (respawn times happen 60 seconds upon depletion).

1. Dondakan’s Mine

Dondakan’s mine is the most profitable of all mines. It is close to a bank. However, you need to put on a gold helmet and finish a Rock quest to access the mine.

2. Dwarven Boatman

This spot might not be very profitable, but it provides some convenience. You will have to part with a 10% or 20% cut from your ore. Other than that, you need to be equipped with the Ring Of Charos. It would help if you also had a great pickaxe and weight-reducing gear.

3. Al Kharid Mine

The mine is closer to a furnace with proximity to a bank. It is an ideal location to mine gold. Nevertheless, the spot might not fit players with limited combat levels.

4. North Brimhaven

It is a decent mine, although it comes with restrictions for banking. The mine demands you access the Fairy Ring Teleportation System and the Dramon Staff during the mining process.


It is advisable to avoid mining it to deletion during the gold mining process. Other than that, gold mining is a great way to train your skills since every gathered ore adds 65 experience to your mining skill. To transform the gold ores into gold bars, you need to have attained level 40 of Smithing. You also need access to a furnace and a Superheat item to help with the melting process. Therefore, you have to melt the gold ore and cool it. Afterward, the cooled extract will turn into gold bars automatically.


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